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DRIFTDOG provides you many different solutions to help your furry friends to solve its difficulties! Our Mission? Help everybody: from the little hamster to the big horse, from the slow turtle/tortoise to the snappy ferret; not only cats and dogs are helped here.

We ensure cutting-edge services through the use of the 3D printing and many other technologies.  We work side by side vets' advices, engineers and other specialists to increase our products daily!

<< Our love for this job is what makes us tick! There is no better reason to look our furry friends happy to come back running and moving themselves freely!>>

Our Team


Francesco Messina​  - DriftDog

Born in 1994, 3D modeler

He designed and created his first dog's wheelchair in 2011, his loving Buck was the addressee, a German sheperd suffered from dysplasia and passed away at the age of 13. In the following years, starting from Buck, Francesco has improved his products such as wheelchairs and other tools, to help any kind of animal with special needs. 


Thanks to our loving Buck, many furry friends will have a second chance!

<< Our daily commitment is a way to thank these special friends, that give us unpretentious love, smiles and emotions! >>


Patrizia Rossetti 

Born in 1967,  Creative 

If you are looking for someone that does magic with textiles and fabrics, that is Mrs Patrizia. She helps Francesco in choosing the best textures' choice for your furry friends and with her sewing machine she works on the creation of special harness.


Irene Messina

Born in 2002, Social Media Manager

When you read our post Social network, most likely Irene is behind it. He helps his brother Francesco in the creation and management of social content and accounting and business administration, in short: a valuable help for DriftDog!

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